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myappmarks provides a number of tools for capturing, managing and exploring your appmarks. To get a more detailed explanation, click on the diagram below.

Use the myappmarks tools and extensions to capture appmarks in your browser.
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Developers: use the myappmarks API to create appmarks from your app.
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Use the myappmarks website to view and manage your appmarks.
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Use the myappmarks app to launch apps access appmarks on your mobile device.
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- capture appmarks from your desktop browser

myappmarks allows you to capture appmarks from your browser1. Chrome users can use the extension available in the Chrome Web Store. Alternatively you can use a bookmarklet. Just drag the bookmark below to your bookmarks bar. To save an appmark, simply click on the bookmark when you're on a page.

A popup will appear allowing you to add a comment or alter the title of the appmark. Clicking on 'add appmark' will store the appmark and the popup will put up a confirmation before disappearing.

The form will also indicate what 'app' has been associated with the appmark. If it cannot determine a specific app it will save the appmark as a webpage.

1currently tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox

- view and manage appmarks in your web browser

You can view and manage appmarks in your web browser, just like a traditional bookmarking service.

Of course, if this was all you could do with appmarks, we would recommend a more established bookmarking service. The real difference emerges when you access your appmarks on a mobile device.


- launch apps on your mobile device.

To get the myappmarks app, simply point your mobile browser2 at

If you have a modern browser that supports database storage (e.g. Chrome or Safari) you can get some idea of the iPhone experience at iPhone preview.

Alternatively, if you have an Android device and you're feeling particulalrly brave, you could try the new (and very BETA) app, now available from Google Play.

2currently only available on iOS devices

Wanted - app developers

Coming soon: the myappmarks API that allows app developers to read and write appmarks from their own apps.