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What are appmarks?

appmarks are intellgent bookmarks that live in the cloud and are designed for the post-PC world of apps and web.

The humble hyper-link is the workhorse of the web and bookmarks make them manifest. Bookmarks let you easily remember that particular page from deep in a website for later. Using a bookmarking service allows you can to use bookmarks across a variety of devices. Bookmarks even let you share your discoveries with friends and colleagues, via email or social networks.

Is is possible that in our headlong rush to embrace apps, we might have ignored something rather special?

Appmarks bring the power of bookmarks to a world of apps and web-pages. They cleverly adapt themselves to their environment - from a desktop browser it will open a web-page but on many mobile devices it will launch the appropriate app to display the information.

What is myappmarks?

myappmarks is a service, a website and suite of apps that allow you to experience the power of appmarks. myappmarks is available for desktop browsers, iOS devices and Android phones. With myappmarks it is easy to capture, launch and share appmarks.


myappmarks gives you the tools to capture appmarks.

  • You can use a bookmarklet to capture appmarks from a browser. Just drag the bookmark below to your bookmarks bar.
  • Android phone users who install the myappmarks app can capture an appmark by selecting the '+appmark' option when they share content.

In addition to supporting appmarks that point to web-pages that are displayed in a browser, myappmarks also supports a range of native apps. Obviously the range of apps depends on your chice of operating system, but to date, we provide support for:

iOS Android
App Store
except for iPad
Music Store

myappmarks also makes it super easy to share appmarks with friends, family and colleagues - no matter what type of device they have.

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